Hamburg, 08/14/2019 | Press Release | Life Science Solutions ECP 2019: Discover High Performance and Comfort in Clinical Microscopy

At this year’s European Congress of Pathology (ECP), Olympus will demonstrate how its 100 years of optical experience and the latest in ergonomic microscope design work together to make pathologists’ lives easier.

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1912OEKG14Aug ECP 2019 - Discover High Performance and Comfort in Clinical Microscopy

Olympus will be displaying the culmination of 100 years of expertise in optics at booth R43 of the ECP in Nice from 7 to 11 September 2019. The 4K UHD UC90 camera, the new high-performance X Line objectives and the ergonomic BX46 microscope have each been carefully designed to enhance pathology workflows.

At the booth, visitors will be able to see and try the BX46 microscope, which is specifically designed for clinical applications. It combines excellent ergonomics with energy efficient LED illumination, which makes it ideal for routine brightfield histology imaging.

The 4K UHD UC90 camera, part of the Olympus 4K Microscopy concept, allows pathologists to see histology slides in more detail than ever before while speeding up the everyday imaging process. The large field-of-view, 9-megapixel CCD sensor produces noise-free brightfield images to reveal every speck of pathology stains. It is also the perfect camera to ensure the highly detailed image of the new X Line objective is captured in your snapshots.

The newly launched X Line objectives are the embodiment of Olympus’ 100 years of experience in optics. Thanks to its proprietary lens polishing technology, Olympus has managed to fit 15 ultra-thin lenses into each objective, breaking through the traditional three-way technological trade-off in image quality. The result is an objective that delivers improvements in all areas of optical performance: image flatness, numerical aperture and chromatic correction. ECP delegates will be able to see for themselves what difference a combined improvement in these three areas can make to their large field-of-view histology images.

Booth R43 is also the place to go for delegates looking for an ergonomic microscopy solution. Long histological imaging sessions can be hard on the back, so the BX46 clinical microscope has been designed with the health of users’ backs in mind. To help ease any back stiffness after long microscopy use, Olympus will be giving away free resistance bands and exercise instruction booklets – which may come in handy in the office while taking a break from microscopy work, or after a long day at a conference!

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