Hamburg, 07/09/2018 | Story | Life Science Solutions IPLEX G Lite: The Portable, Powerful Videoscope

Olympus SSD is proud to introduce the IPLEX G Lite portable videoscope. It is packed with advanced imaging features, easy to use productivity tools and modern connectivity functions.

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IPLEX G Lite continues the legacy of ultra-portability as its predecessor IPLEX UltraLite but it succeeds with outstanding image quality, advanced recording functions and WiFi connectivity among the many new and exciting features to bring more value to our customers.

Here are 10 reasons why you will love the new IPLEX G Lite videoscope:

  • LED illumination is 2x brighter than IPLEX UltraLite
  • Advanced image processing technologies such as PulsarPic, WiDER and Dynamic Noise Reduction provide higher probability of detection
  • Powerful video recording functions such as constant video, 60 frames per second frame rate, bookmarks, image capture from video allow faster inspections and better documentation
  • Standard scaler measurement and optional stereo measurement accurately quantify your defects
  • In addition to the standard white light, interchangeable ultra-violet and infrared light sources lets you see the invisible and in the dark
  • Oil clearing design on all standard direct-view tip adaptors ensures clear images and reduces inspection time
  • Share live images with WiFi connectivity on iOS devices and HDMI video output
  • The IPLEX G Lite videoscope's ergonomic design is complemented by TrueFeel articulation, making the joystick incredibly responsive for one-handed operation.
  • The IPLEX G Lite can go anywhere with IP65 and U.S. Military Standard compliance
  • Touch screen and hot keys mean intuitive operations
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